Zenlap imports and distributes ergonomic computer solutions in France and in the European market since 2010.
Our solutions are selected for their ergonomic value as well as their capacity to increase productivity and well-being at work.
Solutions proposed by ZENLAP
Souris Ergonomiques
Ergonomic mice respond to several different problems and pathologies, grouped together under the term Musculoskeletal Disorders, including the infamous Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Each ergonomic mouse aims to reduce tension in the muscles of the hand and forearm while removing pressure from the carpal tunnel. Several manufacturers offer different types of mice to vary the position or optimize the movements of the hand during different daily tasks. The goal is to adapt the mouse to the user's needs, not the other way around. The solutions offered in our catalog offer a wide choice allowing each user to find the mouse that best suits his needs and use.
Claviers Ergonomiques
Ergonomic keyboards meet many user needs both in terms of posture and comfort of use, thereby reducing the onset of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).
Several families of ergonomic keyboards exist on the market. Separate keyboards, also called split or adaptive angles adapt to any morphology (user's shoulder width) thanks to the mobility of the modules. The main goal of compact keyboards is to reduce the distance between mouse and keyboard to achieve a 'keypad / keyboard / mouse' balance centered around the user's hands. All of these keyboards offer comfortable, flexible and quiet keys, easy to operate for a pleasant and fluid typing without great pressure on the muscles and tendons of the fingers and forearm.
Accesoires Ergonomiques
Computer ergonomics refocuses the choice of computer tools around the user and his tasks, improving his posture and productivity.
Various accessories such as briefcases, forearm supports, wrist rests or footrests allow you to customize a workstation for increased productivity.
Ergonomic IT Accessories

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